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    "I would much rather be in a business with an asshole that I love and trust, than an asshole who’s going to fuck me."

    It’s that sort of extreme honesty that has helped super-close friends Michael Chernow and Daniel Holzman succeed in the brutal restaurant industry with their New York City-based Meatball Shop. But it hasn’t always been easy, as that Chernow quip implies. First they had to land on the right idea (drunk people love meatballs!). Then they had to survive the always-tough opening run (they did and inspired a CBS sitcom in the process!). Then they had to survive each other. That’s where things get interesting.

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    It’s no secret that we often associate certain smells with specific feelings and experiences. When you smell a rich perfume you might think of luxury, and when you sniff a coworker’s divine lunch you may be reminded of your own hunger.

    But is it possible for certain smells to inspire productivity?

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    In this episode of Brand Evolution, we look at the evolution of one of America’s cornerstone brands, Coca-Cola. From its origins in an Atlanta pharmacy through the creation of the iconic bottle and the development of its classic advertising, we look at the pivotal moments in the history of one of the world’s most instantly recognizable, and valuable, brands.

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    Work-life balance by design: At 6 p.m., the desks retract up to the ceiling, making room for creative community uses and keeping staff from working too late. 

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    15 Coolest Bikes in the World

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    Palm Trees

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    12 Of The World’s Most Jaw-Dropping Remote Hideaways

    Escape to the glorious middle of nowhere in these sanctuaries, in mountaintops, prairies, forests, and seasides around the world.

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