1. Prefab Home, out from Taschen, documents the history of the factory-made house and features today's most innovative designs.
    Here, the WeeHouse, inspired by the basic principles of sustainable design--building small and efficiently.


    The World’s Coolest Prefab Houses

    These houses, which can be plopped down nearly anywhere—on roofs, in deserts, on riverbanks—offer stylish alternatives to mobile homes for the contemporary nomad. Some can be built up in the course of a day, then broken down again, like giant Legos. And, as we all know by now, such homes are far more eco-friendly than resource-guzzling McMansions.

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    Monday, the American Institute of Architects released its list of best residential design. Check out the winners here.

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    México / Palm Springs 

    Festival NRMAL made an epic Desert Gold mixtape. Soundcloud it here

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    The newly renovated Prahran Hotel

  5. Thoughts of the day

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    Edi Fitzroy - “Check For You Once”

    High grade reggae music.


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    New York Fast Life. Photos & Gif By David Hanjani

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    Café Pavé in Milan

    Milan, Italy 2013


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